Statistical Data – Austrian Fiscal Advisory Council

Statistical Annex 2018 (PDF, 735 kB)

Statistical Data of Austria

See the website of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank for information on:.

General Government

  • Table Federal Government Debt
  • Table Federal Debt Servicing Costs
  • Table Federal Budget
  • Table Public Tax Revenues of Federal Government
  • Table Fiscal Indicators (Maastricht Definition) – EDP Notification Data
  • Table Fiscal Indicators (Maastricht Definition) – Updates

Interest Rates

  • Table ECB Interest Rates on the Deposit Facility and the Marginal Lending Facility
  • Table Eurosystem Main Refinancing Operations
  • Table Base and Reference Rates of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank
  • Table Austrian Bond Yields

Bond Market

  • Table Debt Securities of Austrian Issuers – Total

Economic Developments

  • Table Selected Economic Measures

International Statistical Data

General Government

  • Table Budget Balances
  • Table Government Debt Ratios

Interest Rates

  • Table Key Interest Rates
  • Table Euro Area Money Market Interest Rates
  • Table Three-Month Interest Rates
  • Table Long-Term Government Bond Yields