The tasks of the Fiscal Advisory Council are: monitoring government compliance with fiscal rules in Austria, submitting recommendations on fiscal policy, carrying out fiscal policy studies and shaping public opinion on public finance matters (Act on the Fiscal Advisory Council No. 149/2013).


  • Budget Forecast

    Each spring and autumn, the Fiscal Advisory Council publishes its forecast for the general government budget for the current and the upcoming year. Read more:

  • Compliance with Fiscal Rules Report

    The Fiscal Advisory Council monitors the compliance of government with the EU fiscal rules. Read more:

  • Annual Reports

    In its annual Public Finance Report, the Fiscal Advisory Council provides information about Austria’s deficit and debt performance and the sustainability of its debt management. Read more:

  • Recommendations and Statements

    Twice a year, the Fiscal Advisory Council submits its assessment of Austria’s fiscal and macroeconomic performance, together with fiscal policy recommendations for the central, regional and local government authorities. Read more:

  • Staff Papers

    The Fiscal Advisory Council commissions Secretariat staff members with writing studies on fiscal policy issues relevant to economic policymaking. Read more:


Presse conference as of June 16, 2021

Fiscal Rules Compliance Report 2020 to 2025 and Recommendations 2021